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About Linda C. Harris, M.S., CEO


Linda is a learning leader. Her passion for workforce and organizational education has led her to establish Harris Training & Consulting where she works to Empower Excellence through needs analysis, training, process and performance improvement.

Harris Training & Consulting has contracted with several Fortune 500 companies and one in the Fortune 100 designing client delivered training as well as designing and delivering training on site. She is also a conference speaker who specializes in the development of leadership, succession planning, employee empowerment, and career management. 


With nearly thirty years-experience in Insurance Claims as an adjuster and trainer, she is often called upon as a subject matter expert in the area of Property and Casualty Insurance Claims as well as Cultural Diversity.


Please check our Resources page for Adjuster and Catastrophic Weather information.




  • Training

  • Business Consulting

  • Insurance Claims Training

  • Performance Analysis and Improvement

  • Process Analysis and Improvement

  • Corporate Efficiency Review

  • Business Sustainability Strategy

  •  Create technical training manuals, job aids, self-study materials.



​Develop and deliver seminars/worshops in the following areas:
  • Customer Service

  • Insurance Claims

  • Management Training

  • Succession Planning

  • Onboarding


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