About Linda Harris-Cosby


Linda is a learning leader. Her passion for workforce and organizational education has led her to establish Harris Training & Consulting where she works to Empower Excellence through needs analysis, training, process and performance improvement.

Linda has contracted with several Fortune 500 companies and one in the Fortune 100 designing client delivered training as well as designing and delivering training on site. She is also a conference speaker who specializes in the development of leadership, succession planning, employee empowerment, and career management. 


  My Expertise


  • Training

  • Business Consulting

  • Insurance Claims Training

  • Performance Analysis and Improvement

  • Process Analysis and Improvement

  • Corporate Efficiency Review

  • Business Sustainability Strategy

  •  Create technical training manuals, job aids, self-study materials.



​Develop and deliver seminars/worshops in the following areas:
  • Customer Service

  • Insurance Claims

  • Management Training

  • Succession Planning

  • Onboarding