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So You Want to be A Leader

How interesting it is when we find individuals with no idea what it takes to lead, running for office or vying for top positions within organizations. So often people fight for titles with no idea of what the job entails.

To be a leader one must first determine the requirements of the position. Who and what are you trying to lead? Do you have the knowledge, skills, and time required to excel in the position? What about your attitude, your personality? Can you handle criticism? Are you able to remain calm when storms are brewing all around you?

Leading others is not easy, but it can be very fulfilling. Below are a few things to ponder prior to vying for that position at work, church, or you favorite organization.

1. Leaders can be born as well as made. If you are not a born leader, study. Study, study, study. Read, attend seminars. Study great leaders. Read Stephen Covey, John Maxwell and other well-known leaders. Yes, you can develop into a leader.

2. Study yourself. Why do you want this position? Do you want it so as to add one more thing to your resume... one more notch in your belt? Or do you really want to be of service to others?

3. How do you handle conflict? Do you remain calm when others disagree?

4. Study the area in which you want to lead. Do you have the skills required? Are you willing and able to work with the personalities who are a part of the team or group you want to lead?

If you feel you cannot work with someone, do some serious introspection. Why do you have this problem? Again, study yourself. Use your Emotional Intelligence to function in an unfriendly environment. If you are called to be a leader, use the authority given to you. Don't be afraid to take charge, but remember to stay humble.


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