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Five Steps to Effective Team Leadership

Just as a strong building needs a strong foundation, so does a strong team. The foundation of any team is its leader. The strength of the team leader, supervisor, and or manager will, in most cases, determine the strength of the team. It is therefore, imperative, the leaders embody the steps below then implement them with their teams.

Step 1. Emotional Intelligence: EI is awareness of one’s own feelings and the feelings of others, and the ability to use those feelings to guide your thoughts and actions.

Step 2. Be Self-Aware: Leader, check yourself! Are you aware of what is going on inside you? Pay attention to your reactions to the stressors at work. This is the most important aspect of Emotional Intelligence. Self-aware leaders know the impact they have on their teams. They know their own weaknesses and work on their strengths.

Step 3. Self-Regulate: We all experience pressure. You will have bad days. Don’t let your bad days become bad days for your entire team. Find a way to deal with your pressures. Use yoga, meditation, exercise, music, whatever works for you.

Step 4. Respect Their Time: Avoid useless meetings. When you meet, have an agenda ready and send it to your team in advance so they can be prepared.

Step 5. Respect Their Intelligence: No one wants to be micro-managed. Allow your employees to do their jobs. Give clear instructions and allow them the freedom to follow them.

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