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Manage Processes, Lead People

Organizations do an excellent job of promoting good technicians into management positions. The problem is most stop right there. The newly appointed manager was an excellent technician, and as a manager knows how to get those reports in on time; but can he or she lead people? A difficult boss is the primary reason for employee disengagement and turnover. A boss may know how, but a leader chooses to show how. To be a good boss, don’t think of yourself as the one in charge, but as a leader whose primary job is to empower her team members to be the best they can be. The word ‘boss’ means “to be master over”. Adult workers don’t need a master, they need someone to lead them; to show them the way. A good boss (leader) will:

* Be approachable;

* Coach employees instead of pushing;

* Demonstrate/clearly communicate a task instead of expecting employees to automatically know how its done;

* Fix a problem rather than fix blame on someone else;

* Communicate, communicate, communicate!

This course will empower you to grow your managers into leaders.


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